MLK Day 2020 – Martin Luther King jr Day

MLK Day 2020 is coming soon. It is an American federal holiday, National Day, and a Day of Serving. Americans celebrate this day on 20 January each year. In fact, It is the birthday of Martin Luther King jr. So, the people of America arrange different celebrations on this great day. In this post, you can know about the history of MLK, his popular tasks, when he became king and related all information. Stay with me!

MLK Day 2020

The American people honor the birthday, life, dreams, and spirit of Martin Luther King on the third Monday of each January. On the birthday of MLK, all the schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, universities, and shops, etc. are closed. Also, all private and Government servants celebrate this day as a federal holiday.

It is the day to remember the history of Martin Luther King, Jr. It means you should remember how the MLK fought for equality, dignity, and freedom. Also, it is a time to remember the injustice fought of Dr. King. The teachers of schools, colleges and universities should inform their students and pupils about the struggles of Martin Luther King.

Moreover, the teachers should tell the students about the difficulties of Martin King. They should inform that King didn’t leave the civil rights movements even going to jail for 30 times. Let’s talk about the history of this day!

History of MLK Day 2020

Martin Luther KingThe labor union gave the idea to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King as a federal holiday. When the MLK died, the American representative John Conyers and the Senator of US Edward Brooke offered a bill to Congress. The purpose of this bill was that they wanted to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King’s as a National Day.

In 1979, the bill came for the first time in the US Representative House for a vote. Due to the 5 votes, the bill couldn’t pass. There are two main arguments, which became the resistance to pass the bill. One is that the holiday is too expensive for federal employees. And the second is that the holiday to honor the private citizen is against long-standing tradition. The arguments were from the opposition party. In the United States, people celebrate tow National days to honoring the two persons. One is George Washington and Christopher Columbus.

Now, the King Center turned to support from the general public and corporate community. The result of King this strategy was that a musician Stevie Wonder released a single “Happy Birth Day” to popularize camping. Also, in 1980, he hosted a rally for a peace press conference. Moreover, the King collected the six million signatures to appeal the Congress to pass the law. In 2006, The Nation article represented that it was the most massive petition in US history to favor in any issue.

President Ronal Regan signed a bill on November 2, 1983, to create the federal holiday to honor the MLK. So, the Americans celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King as a federal holiday on 20 January 1986.

Why Do We Celebrate MLK Day 2020?

As I stated, Americans honor Martin Luther on the third Monday of January. MLK is known as a civil rights activist. When the King Boycotted the laws in 1955 that represent that whites and blacks need to sit in the separate sections in the buses. Then, the attention of people came to the peaceful struggle of the king, which was against racial discrimination. Due to this act, he faced physical attacks, went to jail, and became the danger for his house. Instead of all these things, the Supreme Court announced that these types of laws are unconstitutional.

The Martin Luther King delivered his speech to quarter million people in Washington during a peaceful march in 1963. Do you know the speech name? The name of the speech is “I Have Dream.” Also, the King received a Nobel Peace Prize the next year at 35 years. Martin Luther King continued his struggle for civil rights. Even a bullet ended the life of Martin Luther King jr Day on 4 April 1968.

American people honor the King on this day due to the great works. They honor him because of his fight against poverty, equality, dignity, and civil rights. Initially, some states celebrate the birthday of Martin King as a holiday.

Why Is He so famous?

In the United States history, the Martin King is the first man, who talked about equal rights. Some rules of the US represent that Blacks and Whites need to sit separately. So, the Martin boycotted these rules and started the civil rights movement. He became very famous because of his works for equality, dignity, and poverty.


Family History of MKL

As you know, Martin Luther King is a very famous person in US history. The people of America celebrate the birthday of MLK on 20th January and honor to him due to his great works. Let’s start a discussion about his and his family!

Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929, as Michael King Jr. His father’s name is Michael Sr., and his mother’s name is Alberta Williams King. In rural Georgia, the families of King and Williams had roots. Also, the grandfather of Martin Luther King AD Williams was a rural minister for many years. In 1893, his grandfather went to Atlanta.

Martin Luther King Birth Place
Martin Luther King Birth Place

Martin King grew up in Atlanta and entered public school at the age of 5 years. When the King reached at 12 years, his grandmother Jennie died due to the heart attack in 1941. His grandmother’s death became a painful event for King. Even, Martin jumped from the second-story window of his home to suicide. At the age of 15 years, Martin King became a popular and excellent student.

Significance of the MLK Day

As I stated, the opposition complete tried that the birthday of Martin King is celebrated as a national day. Also, the oppositions’ people say that what the significance of this MLK Day is. Hundreds of people are celebrating this day as National Day in the world.

Martin Luther King did many works for equality, dignity, and poverty. He led out to boycott all the rules, which make the difference between blacks and whites. Initially, a few people knew the Martin King, but when he boycotted the laws that represent that blacks and whites, people need to sit separately. The attention of hundreds of people came to the Martin King.

The birthday of Martin Luther King has many meanings. So, the mean of this day is that all the people are equal and they should have equal rights. The speech of Martin King in 1963 changed the lives of people.

Facts of MLK Days 2020

The birthday of this great person is celebrated each year, and people remember his works for dignity and civil rights. As I stated, a person killed the Martin through the bullet, when he was 39 years. Due to the death of King, his party didn’t stop. The reason is that he has told the people how you can fight for rights and equality. Now, millions of people follow Luther King and are trying to get their rights. Many facts are present on this day, but I will discuss the main facts. Follow my words!

  1. His Birth Name was Not Martin

He was born on 20 January and in 1929 in Germany. His birth name was Michael Luther King Jr. Do you know when he was inspired? Luther King’s father took the trip to Germany, where his father impressed by Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther. Then, his father changed the name into Martin Luther King. It means the King became Martin Luther at 5 years.

  1. ”I Have Dream” The Fantastic Speech of Martin

The great Martin was doing a peaceful struggle for equality and civil rights. In 1963, he gave a speech to a quarter-million people in Washington. The speech was I have a dream, and it became the popular and most famous speech in the United States. Due to this speech, hundreds of people are motivated and joined Martin’s peaceful struggle.

  1. Martin Luther King Began Go to College at 15 Years

You have to become an intelligent and bright student to change the rules of the world. Likewise, Martin King has a natural talented boy. He joined Morehouse College in1994 when he was only 15 years old. Moreover, he became very famous in college with his female classmate. Also, he left the 9th and 10th grades because he was a gifted pupil or student.

  1. He Went To Jail For 30 Times

You know well that to run a party is not easy. You have to face hundreds of difficulties to get your destination. The same situations were with Martin Luther King when he peaceful struggled for civil rights and equality. Due to the opposition, Martin faced many difficulties and problems. It may be possible that you think Martin will do the illegal tasks, but Not at all. The police of the United States arrested him 30 times without any reason. For example, the police arrested him due to driving a car 30 mph. Likewise, the Government of the US ordered to arrest the people who made civil disobedience.

Moreover, when he boycotted the laws that describe that Whites and Blacks need to sit in the separate section in the buses, again, he went to jail. The opposition threw bombs in the house of Martin. Also, the police punched him strictly. These all the problems can’t stop his struggles. At last, the enemies of Martin king killed him on 4 April 1968.

Traditions of the MLK Day 2020

Hundreds of fans of Martin Luther King are available in the world. And they celebrate his birthday every year on 20 January. Also, they do different celebrations on this day. Some people want to know the ways to celebrate it. If you also want to know the excellent ways to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, then you should follow my words!

I have the best ways which you can use t celebrate the birthday and prove that you also want equal rights. Moreover, you can prove that you can fight for equality, dignity, and civil rights by following Martin King. Let’s start the ways to celebrate MLK Day 2020!

  1. Participate in March

As I stated, many followers are present and the different celebrations on this day. Therefore, you have to find the march of Luther King in your city. If you get the march, then you should join this march with your family. In this way, you can prove that you want equality.

Moreover, if you don’t get any march nearby you, then arrange the march by inviting the friends, lovers, and dear ones. Also, invite all the followers of Martin Kings nearby for March. You have to keep one thing in your mind that you should run the march peacefully.

  1. Read Books about Martin Luther King

The second way to celebrate the birthday of Martin King is that you should read the books about him. Read about his works in the civil rights movements. You should read how did he face difficulties and problems, and then also, he didn’t leave civil rights movements.

Moreover, you have to understand that he didn’t surrender in spite of going to jail for 30 times. Also, you have to understand that anything can’t stop him instead of death. Therefore, if you are a follower of King Martin, then you need to become a strong man that can face the biggest difficulties.

  1. Watch Film about King

As you know, social media is the best way to understand anything. All kinds of information are available on social media. Many documentary films have become on Martin Luther King. So, if you can’t go to the march and read the books, then you should watch the film of King Martin. By watching the movie, you can easily know about his works, problems, and difficulties.

The main advantage of this film is that you can hear the most famous speech, “I Have Dream.” It may be possible that you can’t get the movie by King Martin. In this situation, you should watch the films about other civil rights leaders.

  1. Coloring Activity for Children

To inform the children about any event or great person is your responsibility. Therefore, you should gather a few children on MLK DAY 2020 to tell about the history and importance of Martin King. Many ways are present in the market, which are useful to inform the children about anything like cartoons, shorts, movies, etc. The favorite way of children to understand about anything is painting. So, you should arrange a colorful biography of Martin King. On this day, you should give this coloring activity to the children that they can understand well.

  1. Create Martin King’s Crafts

You can celebrate the birthday of Martin King, by creating his crafts. For this purpose, you should invite friends and lovers on this day. All the people should make or create crafts of the King. Also, you have to write the biography and history of Martin King. After making the crafts, you should color the crafts. Enjoy this exciting celebration, and understand the importance of Martin King’s works.

  1. Serving the People

The best idea to celebrate the birthday of Martin King is that you should find a volunteer opportunity in your city or village. You should go to the other city to find a volunteer opportunity. You think that how it is a possible celebration in this way.

If you read the history of Martin King, then you know that the King spent the whole life for equality and dignity. So, the King fought for the rules, which make the difference between Blacks and Whites. Therefore, if you celebrate MLK Day 2020 by serving the people, then you are following King Luther. Also, you should advise your friends, lovers, and family members to serve the people.

Why is it a “Day of Service?

The followers of Martin King gathered six million signatures and offer congress. The reason is that they want to celebrate the birthday of Martin as National Day. And that’s why the Government of the US allowed the people to celebrate the 20 January as National Day.

In 1944, the birthday of Martin Luther King became a Day of Service. Now, thousands of people serve to others on this day. Moreover, the followers of Martin find volunteer opportunities and take part in it. Also, people say that they feel comfortable to serve others, and they get the opportunity to understand that all the people are equal.

Do you know how many states are taking part to celebrate this day as a service day? About an estimate, 50 states have decided to celebrate this day. Also, the Vice President of the US served the people in the DC Soup Kitchen. The followers of King celebrate this as Martin Luther King Day.

Personal Facts About Martin Luther King ( Mlk day 2020)

  • Martin was born on January 15, 1929.
  • Martin Luther King married Coretta Scott King. They had two sons and two daughters.
  • Martin was assassinated on April 4,1968

Schooling Facts About Martin Luther King ( Mlk day 2020)

  • Martin attended segregated public schools in Georgia.
  • He graduated high school at age 15.
  • He attended Morehouse College and earned his B.A. degree in 1948.
  • Martin spent three years studying theology at Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania.
  • He worked on his graduate studies at Boston University and earned his doctorate in 1955.

Leadership Facts About Martin Luther King ( mlk day 2020)

  • Martin was elected President of his mostly white senior class at Crozer Theological Seminary.
  • Martin Luther King led the bus boycott that lasted 382 days and was eventually declared unconstitutional on December 21, 1956 by the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • In 1957, he was elected the president of SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference).
  • King directed the March on Washington and gave the “I Have a Dream” speech to 250,000 people.
  • Martin was arrested over 20 times for peaceful protest, his home was bombed, and he received numerous death threats.


  • Martin received 5 honorary degrees.
  • King was named the Man of the Year by Time Magazine in 1963.
  • Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He donated all of the money, which was $54,123, to the Civil Rights Movement. He was the youngest man to ever receive this award.

Frequently Asked Question

What day is Martin Luther King on in 2020?

Martin Luther King was born on 20 January 1929. Therefore, hundreds of people celebrate the birthday each year of Luther King. In 2020, people celebrate the birthday of MLK on the third Monday of January.

Is MLK Day a bank holiday 2019?

You will see that banks are open on any holiday. For example, the banks are open on New Year’s Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas and MLK Day, etc.

Is school closed on MLK Day 2019?

On the federal holidays, the schools, colleges, and universities are closed. If the owners open the school on MLK day, then they inform the students about the history of MLK. Also, they tell what the king wants to do or why he hosted the civil rights movements.

Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King Day on 20th January?

We celebrate Martin Luther King on the 20th of January because MLK was born on this day. On this day, people honor the Martin King due to his work for poverty, dignity, and equality. Also, people tell their friends and lovers that he ran the civil rights movements in spite of difficulties and problems.

Who killed Dr. King?

James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King on 4 April 1968. The police arrested James Early, and he lived in jail many times. On the 41st birthday of Martin King, the court sentenced the killer. Also, James Ray was an American fugitive

Is the stock market open on MLK Day 2020?

On all the federal and National days, all the owners close their markets and shops. As you know, people celebrate MLK day as National Day, Federal Holiday, and Day of service. So, people can’t open the stock markets on MLK Day 2020.

Does FedEx deliver on Martin Luther King Day?

On Martin Luther King Day, FedEx will open. Also, FedEx Express, FedEx Custom, and FedEx Ground all will open with their pickups and deliveries on the Martin Luther King.

Final Verdict

Consequently, MLK Day 2020 is coming, and you have to celebrate this day. It is a federal holiday, National Day, and day of service. You should inform the people about the history and great civil rights movements of Martin King because the people can know about equality. Also, you should do some activities to tell people about the King. If you want more details about celebrations, traditions, and history of MLK Day 2020, then you can write your query in the comment section. Stay tuned to get more updates. Thanks for visiting!

MLK Day 2020 is coming soon. It is an American federal holiday, National Day, and a Day of Serving. Americans celebrate this day on 20 January each year.